Online Fiction

Perihelion Science Fiction

"Safe Bet to Appelane" by Derrick Boden (November 2015)

"Skingame" by Jeremy Szal (May 2015)

A cyberpunk dystopia where an escapee uses one last desperate measure to get out of the corrupt city where he lives in.

713 Flash

"Bloom" by Beth Cato (April 2013)

Aberrant Dreams

"Heart of the Forest" by Ian Creasey (July 2006)

Abyss & Apex

"The Witch & The Gods' War" by Stephanie Loree

"Concrete" by Nathaniel Lee (April 2011)

Trent's life kind of sucks. His job is boring, his friends are bland, his boss is a jerk. Being haunted is just the icing on the cake. The worst part is that he's not haunted by ghosts...

"Night of the Manticore" by Tony Pi (January 2010)

"Xenosomnambulism" by Lawrence M. Schoen (May 2008)

Peter lost his grip on the dream, and just that quickly aliens surrounded him. He knew was dreaming, all his life he'd had a knack for dreams, not just to always tell that he was in a dream, but to control and shape his dreams as well. But for months now, and more and more frequently, he'd been losing that control, and always with the same results.

"Metamorphoses in Amber" by Tony Pi (October 2007)

"Weepers and Ragers" by Aliette de Bodard (May 2007)

Sylvia shakes off the last of her nightmare, and goes to prepare herself. The Reformer is coming again today, as he does every month. He wants to make sure she is still re–adapting to the world of flesh.

She does not know how many more times she can lie to him.

"Ten New Metaphors for Cyberspace" by Cat Rambo (January 2007)

New ways to envision virtual reality...

"Douen Mother" by R.S.A. Garcia (January 2006)

A short about a woman who will do anything to be a mother to the child she lost.

"Zeno's Last Paradox" by Tony Pi (October 2005)

"Waiting for the Big Freeze" by Ian Creasey (January 2003)

"Angry Rose's Lament" by Cat Rambo

Paul Rutter is a recovering drug addict whose company's only hope is a contract with the Solins. But will he be able to do what they ask in order to get it?

"Just Like Meteors" by Luc Reid

"Catch" by Luc Reid

AE - The Canadian Science Fiction Review

"Humans Love You" by Tracy Canfield (April 2011)

Jordan Eversley sold out humanity in return for alien pocket change.

Alien Skin

"Shirley Knott" by Abby Goldsmith (August 2010)

A woman gains the power to transform people into inanimate objects, but she doesn't quite understand the rules of her power, and her lack of introspection leads to her downfall.

Another Realm

"No Forwarding Address" by David Walton (January 2005)

"Deep Red" by Floris M. Kleijne (August 2004)

Relocated to the safety of a new home far away, Tom is still haunted by his least favorite axe-toting nightmare. But is it only a dream...?

Aoife's Kiss

"Skipping School" by Guy Stewart (June 2007)

Apex Magazine

"Captain Midrise" by Jim Marino (December 2018)

“The thing that broke your heart was, he could still fly.”

"For Southern Girls When the Zodiac Ain't Near Enough"
by Eden Royce (August 2018)

"A Poor Man's Roses" by Alethea Kontis (October 2009)

"In Memory" by Eric James Stone (January 2009)

A mathematician whose brain has been uploaded into a computer finds his memory is not as perfect as he believed.

"Foiled" by Alethea Kontis (October 2007)

Absolute power is a little bit scary...but he totally deserved it. (audio podcast, read by the author)

"Foreclosure" by DJ Cockburn

The Bank of Friends has sent Colin into the drowned remains of London to collect what collateral he can on a defaulted home loan. Colin may be an expert at smallprint, but is he looking at the right form?

Apex Online

"Schrödinger's Pussy" by Terra LeMay (July 2010)

"A Splash of Color" by William T. Vandemark (November 2008)

"The Man Who Murdered Himself" by Nancy Fulda


"Movement: 2011 Nebula Nominee" by Nancy Fulda

When her concerned parents investigate a treatment that could change her life forever, Hannah's world is thrown into turmoil. Unable to speak -- at least not in ways most people can understand -- Hannah struggles to face the question of who she really is, and who she wishes to become.

Originally published in the March 2011 issue of Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, "Movement" was marked Highly Recommended by Lois Tilton of Locus Reviews. Mundane-SF called it the "best story I have read so far this year", and SFRevu called it "a truly fine story". It is quite short, easily readable during a half-hour lunch break, and interweaves Hannah's sincere narrative with concepts drawn from neurology, entropy, social evolution and chaos theory.


"Sea of the Gods" by Barbara A. Barnett (April 2012)

Behind the Wainscot

"Some Notes on the Eisenberg Estate" by Willow Fagan (October 2008)

"The Magician" by Cat Rambo

Part of the Behind the Wainscot Tarot issue, this short piece explores the Magician card.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

"The Girl Who Welcomed Death to Svalgearyen"
by Barbara A. Barnett (June 2013)

"They Make of You a Monster" by Damien W. Grintalis (November 2012)

"The Three Feats of Agani" by Christie Yant (July 2012)

"The Land of Empty Shells" by Caroline M. Yoachim (July 2009)

Excerpt: "The rest of the birthing was hard work, but painless. Dziko and Terra sprinkled water over the clay to soften it and kneaded the flesh together until there was no way to separate his riverbed brown from her sunset orange. Then they divided the babyflesh into two equal pieces, soon to be their children."

"Silk and Shadow" by Tony Pi (February 2009)


"Beneath the Mask" by Aliette de Bodard (January 2009)

Big Pulp

"What happened while Don was watching the game"
by Floris M. Kleijne (July 2011)

With her husband so distracted by the upcoming ballgame that he leaves their little Donny in the car, Marjorie has no choice but to retrieve the child from the automated car park. But she soon discovers that the bowels of their building have deeper and darker depths than she could ever have expected…

Black Denim Lit

"Inducement" by LisaShapter (September 2016)

Early in their careers as galactic military police, the protagonists of This is Not a Love Story, "Searching," "Planet 50," and the play "The Other Two Men" find themselves facing their first ethical dilemma -- in the form of a cup of coffee.

"This is Not a Love Story" by LisaShapter (October 2015)

A satellite technician does not fall in love with his rescuer after near-fatal spacewalk -- or not romantic love.

Linked to: "The Other Two Men” (play, read November 2015), “Planet 50” Black Denim Lit (July 2015), and “Searching” Black Denim Lit (December 2014). Set in the same universe as all my far-future short stories.

"Planet 50" by LisaShapter (September 2015)

In this sequel to "Searching" (Black Denim Lit #8) (and followup to "No Woman, No Plaything" and "Planet 38"), the two cops assigned to escort Mrs. Gestae on her mission of restorative justice wonder if they want to move to her and her husband's colony world -- and help raise her stolen children with these two colleagues.

"Searching" by LisaShapter (December 2014)

Farspace cop Lt Elis discovers the missing person case of Pvt Resada Gestae is more far more complicated than it first appears.

Black Treacle

"A Pair of Ragged Claws" by Kate Heartfield (April 2013)

Giant scorpions take over the 1990s club scene.

Brain Harvest

"Please Return my Son who is In Your Custody"
by Helena Bell (July 2011)

"What Makes You Tick" by David Steffen (April 2010)

An alien autopsy, from the alien's point of view. Who is really in control?

"Mount Rainier Considers Its Mental Health"
by Spencer Ellsworth (December 2009)

"Phases of Alkahest" by William T. Vandemark (June 2009)

"This Dog's Life" by William T. Vandemark (May 2009)

Bull Spec

"Turning Back the Clock" by David Steffen (October 2010)

Lewis comes home to find his wife murdered, but he might yet be able to save her, if he can turn back the clock.

Buzzy Mag

"I'm Still Here" by A. T. Greenblatt (February 2014)

"Blue Tag Sale" by Beth Cato (September 2012)

"Odd Jobs" by Matthew S. Rotundo (June 2012)

Hidden helpers are doing small favors for Steve Jacobs. Is that so wrong?

"The Endocrine Tyranny" by DJ Cockburn

A brilliant scientist has decided emotions are a disease in need of a cure.

Cafe Irreal

"The Accordion" by Cat Rambo (July 2005)

Cast of Wonders

"Memories of Mirrored Worlds" by Barbara A. Barnett (October 2018)

"Seer's Salad" by Barbara A. Barnett (August 2017)

"Remember the Ifrit" by Rajiv Mote (April 2017)

A pair of sisters share a lasting bond over an encounter with a monstrous alien creature.


"A Loss for _____" by Brenta Blevins (October 2010)

A writer's apocalypse:
Desperate, Lily slid classic movies her mother had loved into the DVD player, one after another. The actors' lips moved in black and white, their mouths stretching into yawning voids.

“____, I've got a _______ we're not in ______ anymore.”

“______! I don't have to show you any stinking ______!”

“_______, my ____, I don't give a ____.”

Lily pressed her fingertips to the screen, willing the words to come back.

"Grandmother's Road Trip" by Cat Rambo (October 2005)

Second place winner, 2005 Chiaroscuro Short Story contest. No longer available online.


"The Anchorite Wakes" by R.S.A. Garcia (August 2018)

Story about an anchorite, a young girl and the things only they can see.

"The Weight of a Blessing" by Aliette de Bodard (March 2013)

"The Wanderers" by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (February 2013)

Sadistic aliens, attracted to our love of horror films, arrive on Earth only to find it empty. As they wander the terrain, they wonder what may have happened to us all.

"Robot" by Helena Bell (September 2012)

Flesh eating robot vs. cardiovascular disease

"All the Young Kirks and Their Good Intentions"
by Helena Bell (February 2012)

A story about 11 teenagers all named James Tiberius Kirk (really).

"Scattered Along the River of Heaven" by Aliette de Bodard (January 2012)

A story of revolution and its aftermath (and dying colonial empires, prison stations around black holes, and pseudo-Chinese poetry).

"A Sweet Calling" by Tony Pi (May 2010)

"Clockwork Chickadee" by Mary Robinette Kowal (June 2008)

"I'll Gnaw Your Bones, the Manticore Said" by Cat Rambo (July 2007)

Just another girl and her manticore story.

"The Worm Within" (October 8)

In a world of clockwork robots, the last human struggles not to go mad...or are they already?


"Too Close for Comfort" by Kyle Aisteach (October 2010)

"Fuel" by Matthew S. Rotundo (April 2009)

In a future of biological enhancements and athlete worship, the race is indeed to the swift . . . but what if you choose not to run?

Coyote Wild

"The Girl-Prince" by Merrie Haskell (August 2008)

"Sea Child" by Aliette de Bodard

Crossed Genres

"Decay" by Allison Mulder (November 2015)

"Slippery Slope" by Holly Schofield (September 2014)

"La Rosa Still in Bloom" by Beth Cato (August 2011)

"Last Tango in Gamma Sector" by Michael R. Underwood (June 2010)

"Lt. Anton Biagi dashed onto the elevated balcony that encircled the room above the piloting floor. Vivid lights cast the bridge in red as smooth consoles flashed fields of data. The audio transducers played the overture of battle, a mournful bandoneon warbling out a building beat as violins sustained a warlike tremolo."

"Promise in the Dust" by Beth Cato (May 2009)

Daily Science Fiction

"Your Life Unfolds, and Then--" by Barbara A. Barnett (September 2017)

"43 Responses to 'In Memory of Dr. Alexandra Nako'"
by Barbara A. Barnett (February 2016)

"Clay Soldiers" by Derrick Boden (November 2015)

"Dance the Light Fantastic " by Lee Hallison (January 2015)

"Dream Logic" by Barbara A. Barnett (December 2014)

"Cara's Heartsong" by Dawn Bonanno (November 2014)

"Making Time for The Kids" by Julion J Soto (November 2014)

Flash fiction: Time travel story about a desperate father trying to save his kids.

" All Thinking Is Canceled For Today" by Lee Hallison (September 2014)

"Hero" by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (July 2014)

"Time Monkeys and the Fullness of Glasses" by Dawn Bonanno (June 2014)

"Have You Seen My Girl?" by Brent C. Smith (January 2014)

"The Perfect Coordinates to Raise a Child" by Barbara A. Barnett (October 2013)

"For Sale by Owner" by Kate Heartfield (August 2013)

Ron allowed himself one shallow breath before gripping his cane and creaking to his feet. There was no need to rush. More than a century before, he had counted the steps that would take him from his watching-chair, across his living room, through his front door, off the porch, and across the expanse of rock to the cliff...

"Tell Them of the Sky" by A. T. Greenblatt (July 2013)

"Memories of Mirrored Worlds" by Barbara A. Barnett (July 2013)

"Melancholia in Bloom" by Damien W. Grintalis (July 2013)

Memories, mother-daughter relationships, rose petals, and a bit of magic.

"Such Days Deserved" by Lee Hallison (July 2013)

"Of Ash and Old Dreams" by Sarah Grey (July 2013)

She is no longer a girl, dreaming while sweeping the ashes away. She is a queen, and a queen, says her beloved king, is ever the paragon of perfection and grace.

"Pictures in Crayon" by Elizabeth Shack (June 2013)

"An Exodus of Wings" by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (May 2013)

Three people struggle with their inability to communicate, love, and faerie infestations.

"Daughter of Mettle" by Aaron DaMommio (April 2013)

"Heart of Joy" by Kate O'Connor (April 2013)

"Maps" by Beth Cato (February 2013)

"Wildness and Wet" by Lee Hallison (February 2013)

"Mashup" by Floris M. Kleijne (January 2013)

A gadget geek’s excitement over his new Ambient Web smartphone, already tempered by the producer’s apparent submission to commerce, turns to dust when his best friend’s sister goes missing.

"Live-Tweeting the Apocalypse" by Ian Creasey (November 2012)

"My Mother's Body" by Christie Yant (October 2012)

"Cartographer's Ink" by Beth Cato (August 2012)

"The Mechanical Heart of Him" by Cate Gardner (July 2012)

"Taking Care Of Ma" by Lee Hallison (June 2012)

"Sapience and Maternal Instincts" by Krystal Claxton (May 2012)

"This Rough Magic" by Christie Yant (April 2012)

"Guaranteed To Work" by Lee Hallison (March 2012)

"A Concert of Flowers" by Kate O'Connor (October 2011)

"Reading Time" by Beth Cato (August 2011)

"This Life" by Lee Hallison (April 2011)

"God's Gift to Women" by Barbara A. Barnett (March 2011)

"A Song Never Tasted" by Barbara A. Barnett (January 2011)

"Waiting for Raymond" by Eric James Stone (January 2011)

A poltergeist watches as a woman waits for her boyfriend to show up.

"Buy You a Mockingbird" by Eric James Stone (December 2010)

Faced with a child who won't go to sleep, a mother tells her a story that may be more than just a story.

"Dragon Dreams on Cardboard Wings and Tiny Scraps of Yellow"
by Christopher Kastensmidt (November 2010)

"Bless This House" by Beth Cato (October 2010)

"Migrating Bears" by Helena Bell (October 2010)

Joseph Godfrey believes himself to be the son of Bluebeard. How else can he explain the parade of women's bodies in his bedroom closet, hanging there like limp socks.

"American Changeling" by Mary Robinette Kowal (September 2010)

"Half-consciously, Kim put a hand up to cover her new nose ring. It pissed her parents off no end that she could tolerate touching cold iron and they couldn't.

Darker Matter

"Final Report" by Barbara A. Barnett (June 2007)

Diamonds in the Sky, an Astronomical Anthology

"Jaiden's Weaver" by Mary Robinette Kowal (January 2009)

So many things about life on Earth depend on the cycles of the sky, from the moon and tides to seasons and more. Well, what if the sky were different? How would humans adapt to life on a world with rings?

Digital Fiction Pub

"Peppermint Tea in Electronic Limbo" by DJ Cockburn

Ray Marken seeks immortality in Afterlife Inc’s posthuman paradise, but is there more to him than his interviewer can fathom?

Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine

"The Edge of the Map" by Ian Creasey (July 2009)

SF short story, 39 minutes plus outro

Electric Spec

"Chasing Frisbees" by Derrick Boden (November 2015)

Emerald Sky Magazine

"Another Generation's Problems" by Kyle Aisteach (September 2012)

Escape Pod

"THE ZOMBEE PROJECT 3.0" by Allison Mulder (March 2017)

"An Understanding" by Holly Heisey (June 2014)

A cyborg man must retrieve a kidnapped child across walls of fractured time.

"The Prize Beyond Gold" by Ian Creasey (November 2011)

A science fiction story set in a future where all athletics records have reached the limits of the physically attainable, so that they are almost impossible to break.

"A Taste of Time" by Abby Goldsmith (April 2011)

Short story: A woman gains an ability to rewind to previous parts of her life, with the catch that she cannot jump forward again. She alters herself in pursuit of the perfect life.

"A Talent for Vanessa" by David W. Goldman (August 2010)

Now that the Greater Depression is over, you need a Special Talent like you need a hole in your head.

"The Hastillan Weed" by Ian Creasey (August 2009)

SF short story; episode length: 41 minutes

"This Is How It Feels" by Ian Creasey (March 2009)

SF short story, 38 minutes (inc. intro/outro)

"Chrysalis" by Mary Robinette Kowal (January 2009)

People ask me if I ever get involved with the subjects of my documentaries. I have a difficult time imagining that they would ask my male colleagues the same question, but they seem to expect women to be more emotional. In response, I tend to grit my teeth and answer very patiently with another question. How could I do my job if I were part of the story? Only by maintaining a sacred distance could I have any hope of understanding someone’s life. A documentarian records, but does not participate.

"One Million Years B.F.E.: Diary of an Anthropologist in Exile"
by Merrie Haskell (February 2006)

Eschatology Journal

"Safe Places" by Beth Cato (January 2012)

Every Day Fiction

"Les Arbres Morts" by Barbara A. Barnett (November 2014)

"Pigeons in Heaven" by Beth Cato (November 2012)

"The Little Things" by Barbara A. Barnett (July 2012)

"Pest Control" by Beth Cato (July 2012)

"A Dance to End Our Final Day" by Beth Cato (May 2011)

"Nipped in the Bud" by Beth Cato (August 2009)

"Beyond the Gate" by C.L. Holland (March 2009)

"A Chime of Reds" by C.L. Holland (February 2009)

In which a young man discovers that different isn't necessarily bad.

"Monkey Love" by Barbara A. Barnett (January 2009)

"The Marsh Lights" by C.L. Holland (December 2008)

In which a child learns a piece of family history.

Expanded Horizons

"Nightskyman Hope" by LisaShapter (January 2016)

The sole survivor of a failed colonial advance team decides not to quit the service when help arrives from an unexpected source.

Links: Shares characters with "Life on Earth" Expanded Horizons (January 2015) and "The World in His Throat" in M-BRANE SF's anthology Things We Are Not.

"Life on Earth" by LisaShapter (January 2015)

An astronaut (whose science fiction library will influence a planet) visits San Francisco and reaches a turning point in his career.

"The Foster Child" by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (July 2014)

"They Come In Through the Walls" by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (May 2012)

A daughter struggles with her father's worsening dementia, a recent break-up, and the strange phantoms who join them for dinner each night.

Fantasy Magazine

"The Gold Silkworm" by Tony Pi (December 2010)

"Mortis Persona" by Barbara A. Barnett (November 2010)

"The Seal Of Sulaymaan" by Tracy Canfield (July 2010)

An ancient ifriit pursues a monster through modern Morocco.

"Scatter and Return, the Eyes of the Princess"
by Willow Fagan (November 2008)

"Cockatrice Girl Meets Statue Boy" by Willow Fagan (February 2008)

"Time to Say Goodnight" by Caroline M. Yoachim (December 2007)

Farragos Wainscot

"The Fisherman's Child" by Cat Rambo

Deep in the swamp, a fisherman tries to catch the ultimate prize while his child tries to do the same.

Flash Fiction Online

"The Girl Who's Going to Survive Your Horror Movie"
by Barbara A. Barnett (March 2017)

"The Last Mardi Gras" by Derrick Boden (August 2015)

"Love in the Time of Cthulhu" by Gary B. Phillips (February 2014)

"The Land of Phantom Limbs" by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (January 2014)

"The Swan Maiden" by Barbara A. Barnett (October 2013)

"The Social Phobic's Guide to Interior Design"
by Sarah Grey (September 2013)

This is the real me: I am the kin of armchairs and baseboards and clever lighting. I am indistinguishable from the scenery.

"Beholder" by Sarah Grey (February 2013)

"There Are No Great Truths Here" by D T Friedman (August 2009)

"Lucky Clover" by Barbara A. Barnett (March 2008)

Flash me magazine

"The Department of Villainous Affairs" by Barbara A. Barnett (October 2006)

"Doom Bunny" by Barbara A. Barnett (July 2006)


"Part 42: In Which She is Devoured by Tigers"
by Elle Van Hensbergen (December 2008)

"Soul Delivery" by Barbara A. Barnett (March 2008)

"Shotgun" by Merrie Haskell


"Rocket Summer" by Sarah Grey (February 2014)

Fortean Bureau

"Reparations" by Merrie Haskell (June 2004)

Time travelers in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

Four Star Stories

"Planet 38" by LisaShapter (August 2013)

"Planet 38" is a sequel to "No Woman, No Plaything" and is set in the same universe as "The World in his Throat". It is the 38th story in the 74 stories project.


"Dry Frugal with Death Rays" by Alex Wilson (August 2008)

"A dark satire of office politics, corporate bureaucracy, thwarted ambition and revenge gone awry."

"The Towers of St. Michael's" by David Walton (April 2007)

"Diamond Dust" by David Walton (November 2005)

Goldfish Grimm's Spicy Fiction Sushi

"The Vast Weight of Their Bleeding Hearts" by Alexis A Hunter (December 2013)

Published in Goldfish Grimm's Spicy Fiction Sushi, Issue 13.

Grand Science Fiction

"Don't Look" by Beth Cato (June 2012)


"The Stink of Horses" by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (June 2014)

"For a Daughter" by Aliette de Bodard (May 2006)


"The Last Man's First Year on Earth" by David W. Goldman (January 2008)

Some sex, lots of drugs, and a bit of rock & roll on a future Earth where some things have changed.


"To Someone Who Needs Prayer" by Barbara A. Barnett (August 2008)


"The Mammoth" by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (December 2013)

In a near-future world where we live in tandem with the skeletons of extinct animals, a father and daughter take a camping trip where secrets come to light.

"The Bohemians" by Alexei Collier (September 2012)

In the near future, a young "artist" designs and sells temporary mental disorders, while lusting after a woman who's own "art" is an extreme level of body-modification that may have carried her beyond human.

"Chrestomathy" by Anatoly Belilovsky (July 2011)

Alternate literature, alternate history: what if Pushkin survived his duel?


"No Woman, No Plaything" by LisaShapter (October 2012)

A science fiction story about robots and a colony planet inspection that goes amiss the moment it starts. Includes an atheist's prayer to Asimov's atoms. Part of the 74 Stories project.


"Karlsson" by Anatoly Belilovsky (April 2012)

Inspired by Russian cartoons


"Deluge" by Derrick Boden (September 2015)


"Their Dead So Near" by Kate Heartfield (February 2014)

Deep under the hot grass, the panting dogs, the flower beds, the grasping willows, the bottle caps and condoms, the grit, rubble and pipes, the starveling city earthworms, under the pure dark earth we lie.

Lakeside Circus

"Mrs. Stiltskin" by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (March 2014)

Lenox Avenue

"Sharksheep Suit" by Vylar Kaftan (January 2005)

A sharksheep farmer makes a suit so he can vote.

"The Problem of Friction" by David Walton

"The Epistemology of Bread" by Lawrence M. Schoen

"Chance Meeting With a Baby on a Train" by Luc Reid

Les Bonnes Fees

"Rampion in the Belltower" by Merrie Haskell (June 2008)

Lightspeed Magazine

"The Ballad of Marisol Brook" by Sarah Grey (June 2013)

Her name, this time, is Marisol Lysium Brook. The media, long bored with the minutiae of her death, occupies itself by speculating which stars will grace the guest list at her reconstruction gala.

"Always, They Whisper" by Damien W. Grintalis (May 2013)

A contemporary retelling of Medusa.


"Daega's Test" by Jeremy Szal (April 2015)

A future Malaysia where AIs and corruption are part of everyday life, a man is faced with the worst decisions of his life.

"How Cherry Coke Saved My Life" by Dawn Bonanno (October 2013)

"The Best Of Us" by Lee Hallison (July 2013)

"A Gift of Pain" by VG Campen (February 2013)

"World Wire Web" by Gareth D Jones (November 2010)

Future steampunk.

"The Greatest Science-Fiction Story Ever Written"
by Eric James Stone (October 2010)

An unpublished author and his friend come up with a way to create the greatest science-fiction story ever written.

"Health Tips for Traveller" by David W. Goldman (September 2010)

"Since the short time from mutual greetings of worlds, many Earther wish to visit the lovely world of the Pooquar peoples."


"Nightshift in the Automart, the Goddess Dancing"
by Andy Gudgel

Nossa Morte

"Tea with the Titans" by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (September 2014)

Oceans of the Mind

"A Dome of Chrome" by Jeremy Szal (June 2014)

Stuck on an alien planet, a commander will have to make a terrible decision.

Pathfinder Tales

"Armored" by Stephanie LorĂ©e (August 2014)

Plasma Frequency Magazine

"Battle Lines" by J.W. Alden (August 2013)

"Hell and Back" by Kate O'Connor (December 2012)


"Accounting for Dragons" by Eric James Stone (October 2009)

Most dragons rarely think about accounting. But you’ve worked hard to acquire that hoard of gold and jewels–shouldn’t you be keeping track of what happens to it? Just sitting on it isn’t good enough any more. That’s why you need accounting. Here are some tips...

"Dead Languages" by Merrie Haskell (October 2008)

Popcorn Popping

"Loophole" by Eric James Stone (May 2006)

A humorous story in which a Mormon man finds out his wife is a demon.


"Terrible Lizard King" by Nathaniel Lee (March 2011)

No one else seems to notice the rogue dinosaur in Patrick's neighborhood or understand the dangers it poses, but what can one grade-schooler do against ten tons of prehistoric killing machine?

"The Disconnected" by David Steffen (November 2009)

In a future, cell phones have evolved into symbiotic organisms attached to a human at birth. The world is a much safer place, because everyone is connected to everyone. But for those who have been severed from their phones, there is no going back.

"Memories of the Knacker's Yard" by Ian Creasey (December 2007)

"The Sounds That Come After Screaming" by Ian Creasey (April 2007)

Quantum Kiss

"The Roman and the Regency" by Merrie Haskell (October 2008)

Time traveling Romans in Regency England!

"The Wedding Dress Tea Parties of 2443" by merriehaskell (October 2008)

Raven Electrick

"Through the Cooking Glass" by Vylar Kaftan (March 2006)

Gingerbread people come to life in Mrs. Wallace's oven.

Read Short Fiction

"Dark Refrain" by Alexis A Hunter (November 2013)

Published in Read Short Fiction

Redstone Science Fiction

"Salt of the Earth" by Mary Robinette Kowal (September 2010)

Melia adjusted Dora’s salt-suit, feeling as if it were futile because the two-year old would have the sweatband off her head the instant Melia’s back was turned. She caught her daughter’s hand reaching for the soft, green mesh. “No. You have to leave that on.”

Saturday Night Reader

"Isolation" by Derrick Boden (July 2015)

"Streetcar Number 10" by Derrick Boden (April 2015)

SciFi Dimensions

"Ascension Salad" by William Ledbetter (August 2005)


"The Hoof Situation" by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (July 2014)

SF Comet

"A matter of mass" by Floris M. Kleijne (December 2014)

Winner of the November 2014 SF Comet contest.

Father Zio, serving a tiny flock of Catholics on remote Outpost Psi, gets a trans-galactic visit from his Bishop, who introduces Zio's replacement. The official term is paracreational shepherd, but Zio'll be... well, damned, before he lets himself be replaced by a robot.

"Playing Against Type" by Mary Robinette Kowal (July 2010)

"Harold pressed his hand against his knee to stop it from jiggling. It gave him a chance to wipe the sweat off his palm, too. Never show fear in front of actors. 'I thought we had the camera until Friday.'"

Small Print Magazine

"The Camper" by Bob Ritchie

How to be old, sick, and poor in Puerto Rico. How to survive. Nominated for the Pushcart prize.

"Texas Fold'em" by Lawrence M. Schoen (February 2008)

Like sensible folk, Left-John Mocker stayed out of Texas. Mostly. He made an exception for Smokin’ Sam’s card house in Amarillo. The Mocker played cards for a living, and Smokin’ Sam’s held his luck. Or so he had come to believe.


"Puppet Wrangling" by Barbara A. Barnett (June 2016)


"How I Lost Eleven Stone And Found Love" by Ian Creasey (January 2013)

People always ask me, "Does it hurt?"

Strange Horizons

"Every Good-bye Ain't Gone" by Eden Royce (July 2018)

A kitchen witch who calls the dead with her recipes gets a new client - the wife of her deceased ex-husband.

"Yuca and Dominoes" by Jose Iriarte (November 2013)

"The Siren" by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (April 2013)

When Jen, still grieving from the death of her father, arrives home from high school, she finds a strange woman in her pool. She soon learns that the woman is her mother's new girlfriend. Jen's attraction to the woman is complicated by the suspicion that there is more to her than meets the eye.

"Dysphonia in D Minor" by Damien W. Grintalis (January 2013)

"The Chastisement Of Your Peace" by Tracy Canfield (January 2012)

A woman works to improve the lives of her counterparts from alternate universes. However, some of those alternates have other ideas about what constitutes improvement.

"One-Eyed Jack's" by Tracy Canfield (July 2011)

Granny Hilburn's mountain is caught in a spiritual battle between a decadent strip club and a hive-mind Christian church.

"Zookrollers Winkelden Ook" by Tracy Canfield (December 2010)

A widower copes with the countless digital copies of his dead husband that have been spread across the Internet.

"Sometimes We Arrive Home" by K. Bird Lincoln (February 2009)

""The Leaving Sweater"" by Ruth Nestvold (June 2007)

"Magnificent Pigs" by Cat Rambo (November 2006)

Short story. A tattoo artist/pig farmer struggles with his younger sister's impending death.

"Silent Blade" by Leah Cypess (July 2006)

"13-year-old Danis wakes up to a sound she had been waiting for and dreading for five years, the sound of her older brother returning home. Only her brother is now a member of the Silent Blade, a cabal of assassins, and his final test is to slay his own family. Can he do it? And if he can, how can she stop him?" (Tangent Online)

"Portrait of Ari" by Mary Robinette Kowal (January 2006)

“For all its brevity and apparent simplicity, this story packs a strong emotional punch. Beautifully, quietly done.”
–Lois Tilton, Internet Review of Science Fiction

""Happily Ever Awhile"" by Ruth Nestvold (June 2005)

"She Called Me Baby" by Vylar Kaftan (May 2005)

The cloned daughter of a celebrity confronts her estranged mother.

"Huntswoman" by Merrie Haskell (January 2005)

"No matter what anyone else tells you," the queen said, capturing the huntswoman's eyes with her own, "remember that you will be best rewarded by me. Just bring me the princess's heart, and her hands."

""Princes and Priscilla"" by Ruth Nestvold (April 2002)

"Foam on the Water" by Cat Rambo

Subterranean Magazine

"Waiting for Rain" by Mary Robinette Kowal (October 2008)

"The Days of the War, as Red as Blood, as Dark as Bile"
by Aliette de Bodard

In the old days, the phoenix, the vermillion bird, was a sign of peace and prosperity to come; a sign of a virtuous ruler under whom the land would thrive.

But those are the days of the war; of a weak child-Empress, successor to a weak Emperor; the days of burning planets and last-ditch defences; of moons as red as blood and stars as dark as bile.

"The Days of the War, as Red as Blood, as Dark as Bile"
by Aliette de Bodard

In the old days, the phoenix, the vermillion bird, was a sign of peace and prosperity to come; a sign of a virtuous ruler under whom the land would thrive.

But those are the days of the war; of a weak child-Empress, successor to a weak Emperor; the days of burning planets and last-ditch defences; of moons as red as blood and stars as dark as bile.

"The Days of the War, as Red as Blood, as Dark as Bile"
by Aliette de Bodard

Sword Review

"The Poet" by Barbara A. Barnett (June 2007)

"Citadel of Cobras" by Aliette de Bodard (May 2006)

The Colored Lens

"The Raven Paradox" by Derrick Boden (September 2015)

"First Try" by Derrick Boden (April 2015)

The New Haven Review

"The Axiom of Choice" by David W. Goldman (December 2011)

Free will or Determinism? You choose.

The Pedestal Magazine

"Biding Time" by Beth Cato (December 2009)

The Story Station

"The Monster & Mrs. Blake" by Alethea Kontis (November 2009)

Jeremy Blake is far too old to have a monster under his bed, and his mother seems to know far too much about how to get rid of it.

The Town Drunk

"Self-Made Man" by Nora Fleischer (August 2009)

The Writers Eye

"Ghost Dancer" by Alethea Kontis (November 2008)

Life is fleeting. Love is not. (flash fiction)

Theme of Absence

"The Pickpocket Hero" by Derrick Boden (April 2015)


"Matchstick Reveries" by Rajiv Mote (December 2018)

If Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Match Girl" were a tale of fiery death and resurrection that acknowledged that when the village doesn't embrace the child, she will burn it down to feel its warmth, it might look like this.

Twilight Times

"The Blur" by Abby Goldsmith (July 2004)

A girl copes with her supernatural ability to visit the distant past, terrified that she will be unable to return to the present time.

Unlikely Story

"Old Customs" by Rajiv Mote (June 2016)

A festival of color and role-reversal is traced back to its dark origins by stepping backwards through generations of its observance.

Urban Fantasy Magazine

"Ginny & The Ouroboros" by Stephanie LorĂ©e (March 2015)

Vestal Review

"Buddha's Happy Family Jewels" by Vylar Kaftan (October 2005)

Two former lovers argue over lunch.


"Word for Word" by Kate Heartfield (May 2013)

What if we could unsay the things we regret saying?

Online Non-fiction

Apex Magazine

"The Monster in the Closet" by Alethea Kontis (February 2009)

Only one closet met the qualifications for a Pesky Sister Penitentiary: the walk-in at the top of the stairs that rivals my current double-wide cubicle office for square footage.

Apex Online

"I Bet You Think This Essay's About You" by Alethea Kontis (November 2008)

It's all about you. Really.

"Almost Back" by Alethea Kontis (July 2008)

Welcome back, world.

"An Interview with Nancy Fulda" by Alethea Kontis (January 2006)

Apex Contest Champion; Featured Writer


"White Girl" by Alethea Kontis (September 2008)

When you work in the publishing industry, becoming a New York Times bestseller is not all it's cracked up to be.

Fantasy Magazine

"How to Stock Your Magic-Fighting Toolkit" by Abby Goldsmith (August 2011)

A look at how real-life cultures combat dark magic.

Strange Horizons

"Travel by Jargon" by Ian Creasey (May 2003)

"Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell: Magic Chuses To Reemerge in Regency England"
by Luc Reid

"Interview: James Maxey" by Luc Reid

"Let There Be Write" by Nancy Fulda

The Copperfield Review

"Implausible Dystopias" by Abby Goldsmith (April 2012)

Logic Problems in Contemporary Dystopian Fiction.

The Internet Review of Science Fiction

"Down the Tube" by Abby Goldsmith (August 2006)

How bad film adaptations of good books hurt the reputations of genre fiction writers.

Online Poetry


"In Ancient Days the Constellations Told" by Ian Creasey

Every Day Poets

"Fog Monsters" by Beth Cato (January 2011)

Everyday Weirdness

"The Owl and Great Cthulhu" by C.L. Holland (May 2009)

The Owl and Great Cthulhu went to sea
In a pea green boat compact....

"Rabbit in the Moon" by Alethea Kontis (January 2009)

A poem based on the Chinese myth of The Rabbit in the Moon.

Goblin Fruit

"The Ferryman" by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (June 2013)

A retelling of the Charon myth set in Louisiana.


"How to Build an Open-Source Deity" by Ian Creasey (September 2009)

"Apple Picking" by Helena Bell (December 2006)

"Why I Learned to Cave Dive " by Helena Bell


"Once Upon a Star" by Beth Cato (August 2012)

"Book Story" by Beth Cato (June 2012)

Strange Horizons

"Bluebeard's Third Wife" by Helena Bell (December 2006)

"Elementary Students Explore the Universe" by Helena Bell (August 2006)

"Tiger Lily Madness" by Cat Rambo (November 2005)

"Torah and Secular Learning" by Bogi Takács

"Prince Charming" by Helena Bell

The Pedestal Magazine

"The Unicorn" by Beth Cato (August 2012)