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Jared Oliver Adams blog Web site  
J.W. Alden blog Web site Twitter
J.W. Alden grew up along the coasts of Florida, where he learned to hate the sun and love the shade. He now lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he is trying desperately to understand the difference between a state and a commonwealth. Alden is a 1st Place Writers of the Future winner, a graduate of Odyssey Writing Workshop, and an active member of SFWA. His fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Nature, Daily Science Fiction, and various other publications. Read more from him at
Alisa Alering blog Web site Twitter
Alisa Alering was hatched in a secret hollow in the Appalachian mountains of Pennsylvania, where she ran around barefoot and talked to the to trees. She now lives in Indiana with several dilapidated mammals. Her short fiction has appeared in Clockwork Phoenix 4, Flytrap #11, and Writers of the Future Vol. 29. She is fond of moss, mushrooms, and a well-made mojito.
Christine Amsden   Web site Twitter
The Cassie Scot Series: Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective (2013) Secrets and Lies (2013) Mind Games (2014) Stolen Dreams (2014) Madison's Song (2015) Kaitlin's Tale (2016) Frozen (2018) Stand-Alone Novels: The Immortality Virus (2011) Touch of Fate"(2007)
G. V. Anderson   Web site Twitter
K.G. Anderson blog Web site Twitter
Karen G. Anderson is a Seattle journalist and technology writer. She worked on the launch of the iTunes Music Store and wrote a book about the iPhone. She attended Viable Paradise (2013) and Taos Toolbox (2017).
Ryu Ando   Web site Twitter
Roxana Arama blog Web site Twitter
Rewriting History. MFA in creative writing. Ex-Xbox. Seattle. Immigrant from Galați, Romania. Piano. Hiking. she/her
Katrina Archer blog Web site Twitter
Writer. Sailor. Engineer. Copy editor. Publisher of Little Blue Marble magazine. Author of "The Tree of Souls" and "Untalented".
Molly Atkins blog Web site Twitter
Daniel Ausema blog   Twitter
Daniel Ausema writes fiction and poetry. He's dabbled in everything from drabbles to a serialized trilogy of novels, from steampunk to the literary surreal, from secondary world fantasy to lyrical science fiction. His latest novel is The Silk Betrayal, published by Guardbridge Books.
Tanya Aydelott   Web site Twitter
Tanya Aydelott is a Pakistani American writer who grew up in the Middle East, as it was the simplest geographic compromise her parents could find. She primarily writes fantasy and earned an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Her short fiction has appeared in 'FORESHADOW: Stories to Celebrate the Magic of Reading and Writing YA' and in Dark Moon Digest.
Tobias Backman blog    
Tobias Backman is a Danish fantasy and science fiction author. In his writing, he always tries to be witty, original, and all around brilliant. He usually fails at all of these.
Nicole Bade     Twitter
Mark Bailen   Web site  
Matthew Bailey   Web site  
Stewart C Baker   Web site Twitter
T.S. Bazelli   Web site Twitter
Tessa Barbosa writes software help by day, and SFF by night. When she’s not at the keyboard, she’s probably making messes in the kitchen or sewing things. AKA T.S. Bazelli
Barbara A. Barnett   Web site Twitter
Barbara A. Barnett is a writer, musician, orchestra librarian, Odyssey Writing Workshop graduate, coffee addict, wine lover, and all-around geek.
Beston Barnett   Web site Twitter
Yaroslav Barsukov blog Web site Twitter
Member of SF&F Writers of America. Left one former empire only to settle in another. Speaks German by day, Russian by night. Writes in English.
Scott Beggs   Web site Twitter
stevebein blog Web site Twitter
Steve Bein is a climber, diver, skier, photographer, martial artist, philosopher, and award-winning sci fi and fantasy author. His fiction has appeared in Asimov's, Interzone, and in international translation. He was a winner of the Writers of the Future contest in 2003. His Fated Blades trilogy (DAUGHTER OF THE SWORD, YEAR OF THE DEMON, DISCIPLE OF THE WIND (Penguin Roc, 2012, 2013, 2015)) were met with critical acclaim. He is an associate professor at the University of Dayton, where he teaches Asian philosophy and philosophical themes in science fiction.
Anatoly Belilovsky blog Web site Twitter
Mike Bell     Twitter
Robyn Bennis blog Web site Twitter
Mary Berman   Web site Twitter
I once downloaded so many books from Project Gutenberg, they decided I was a bot and blocked me.
Renan Bernardo   Web site Twitter
Renan Bernardo is a Brazilian writer of science fiction and fantasy, writing in English and Portuguese. He's published in several languages.
TJ Berry   Web site Twitter
TJ Berry writes SFF and horror from Los Angeles. She is the author of Space Unicorn Blues and Five Unicorn Flush from Angry Robot Books. She’s on Twitter @TJBerry.
Jana Bianchi   Web site Twitter
Jana Bianchi is a Brazilian writer, translator, editor, and werewolf walker.
Rebecca Birch blog Web site Twitter
Rebecca Birch writes fantasy and science fiction from her home in Washington state. Her fiction has appeared in markets including Nature, Cricket, and Flash Fiction Online.
Amy Katherine Black Rothermel   Web site Twitter
A.L. Blacklyn   Web site Twitter
Lynn writes daily and sells fiction occasionally, with hopes of more acceptances in the future. Their speculative poems appear in Frozen Wavelets, Polu Texni, The Deadlands.
David G Blake blog Web site Twitter
David G. Blake lives in a van down by the River Styx. Their work is forthcoming or has appeared in Galaxy's Edge, Daily Science Fiction, Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Nature, and many other publications.
M. A. Blanchard blog Web site Twitter
M. A. Blanchard's short fiction appears in Prairie Fire and Uncharted Magazine and is forthcoming in PseudoPod, Dark Matter Magazine and Bikes in Space; she also writes the "From the Archives" short SFF recommendation column in Fusion Fragment.
Derrick Boden blog Web site Twitter
Dawn Bonanno blog Web site Twitter
Dawn Bonanno is a Viable Paradise alumni and writes fantasy and science fiction, from flash to novel length.
Gustavo Bondoni blog Web site Twitter
Gustavo Bondoni is an Argentine writer whose work spans several genres but is mostly concentrated in SFF.
Jonathan P. Brazee   Web site  
SB Divya blog Web site Twitter
S. B. Divya is a lover of science, math, and fiction. When she isn't designing high speed communications systems, raising her daughter, feeding the cats, or enjoying dinner with her husband, she writes. She dreams of finishing and publishing an epic science fiction novel, but mostly she works on short fiction and blogs at
Jennifer Brinn     Twitter
Laurence Brothers blog Web site Twitter
Tim W Burke blog Web site Twitter
My horror novel "The Flesh Sutra" was on the preliminary ballot for the 2014 Bram Stoker Awards.
Travis Burnham blog Web site  
I love to write and snowboard, teach and travel and read.
Isabel Cañas   Web site Twitter
Novae Caelum   Web site  
Elinor Caiman Sands   Web site Twitter
Carrie Callahan blog Web site Twitter
Carrie Callahan has been all over the U.S., but currently lives in Kentucky with her supportive husband and cute yorkie. Carrie is a Writers of the Future winner currently toiling away in quiet darkness on her latest manuscript as well as her YouTube channel, "About Write."
Arasibo Campeche     Twitter
Tom Carpenter   Web site Twitter
Erin Cashier blog   Twitter
Traci Castleberry blog Web site Twitter
Beth Cato blog Web site Twitter
Priya Chand blog    
Vajra Chandrasekera blog Web site Twitter
Vajra Chandrasekera lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka. His fiction has appeared in Apex, Clarkesworld and Lightspeed, among others.
J. Kathleen Cheney blog Web site Twitter
J. Kathleen Cheney is a former teacher and has taught mathematics ranging from 7th grade to Calculus. Her works have been published or forthcoming in The Best of Jim Baen's Universe 2, Writers of the Future XXIV, and Fantasy Magazine, among others. Her novels in the Golden City trilogy are out from Ace/Roc, and the Palace of Dreams series debuted in early 2016. Her website can be found at
Jessica Cho   Web site Twitter
Michael W Cho   Web site Twitter
Kat Clay blog Web site Twitter
DJ Cockburn blog Web site Twitter
DJ Cockburn has supported his unfortunate writing habit through medical research on various parts of the African continent. Earlier phases of hislife have included teaching unfortunate children and experimenting on unfortunate fish.
Jessi Cole Jackson   Web site Twitter
Liz Colter   Web site Twitter
Liz has followed her heart through a wide variety of careers, including draft-horse farmer, field paramedic, Outward Bound instructor, athletic trainer, and roller-skating waitress, among other curious choices. She also knows more about concrete than you might suspect. Her novels written under the name L. D. Colter explore contemporary and dark fantasy, and ones written as L. Deni Colter venture into epic fantasy realms. She has multiple short story publications in magazines and anthologies and was a 2014 Writers of the Future winner and 2020 WSFA Small Press Award finalist. Her debut novel A Borrowed Hell was the winner of the 2018 Colorado Book Award for Science Fiction/Fantasy and While Gods Sleep was the 2019 winner. A complete list of her published works can be found at her website:
Matthew Cote      
George Cotronis   Web site Twitter
CD Covington   Web site Twitter
Stephen Cox blog Web site Twitter
Novelist and short story writer living in London. Author ofthe widely praised Our Child of the Stars, due out in the states in 2020
Ian Creasey   Web site Twitter
British writer Ian Creasey has sold 70+ stories to various venues including Asimov's, Analog and F&SF.
Cecile Cristofari blog Web site Twitter
Cécile Cristofari is a teacher, former researcher, amateur knitter, pianist and gardener. She lives in Provence.
Marie Croke blog Web site Twitter
Malcolm F Cross   Web site Twitter
Gary Cuba   Web site  
Leah Cypess   Web site Twitter
Aaron DaMommio blog   Twitter
I'm a husband, father, writer, juggler and expert dishwasher who lives in Austin, Texas.
Karl Dandenell blog Web site Twitter
Deborah Davitt   Web site Twitter
Beth Dawkins     Twitter
Robert Dawson      
Robert Dawson writes SF and poetry, in the gaps between teaching mathematics at Saint Mary's University.
Kat Day blog Web site Twitter
David DeGraff   Web site Twitter
Astronomer and Science Fiction Writer
Douglas DiCicco     Twitter
Jennifer R. Donohue blog   Twitter
Jennifer R. Donohue grew up at the Jersey Shore and now lives in central New York with her husband and their Doberman. Though she got a bachelor′s degree in psychology, she has always wanted to write. She currently works at her local public library, where she also facilitates a writing workshop, and she is now a Codexian and an Associate member of the SFWA. Her work has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Mythic Delirum, Syntax & Salt, Escape Pod, and elsewhere. Her cyberpunk novella series, Run With the Hunted, is available on Amazon and most digital platforms. She blogs at Authorized Musings, where she shares fiction and the tribulations of the writing life, and tweets @AuthorizedMusin.
Matt Dovey blog Web site Twitter
Matt Dovey is very tall and very British, and is most likely drinking a cup of tea right now. His surname rhymes with Dopey, but other similarities to the dwarf are purely coincedental. He reads slush at PodCastle and has stories all over the place. You can read them all on his site.
Aidan Doyle blog Web site Twitter
Aidan is an Australian writer and computer programmer. His stories and articles have been published in places such as Lightspeed, Strange Horizons and He has been shortlisted for Australia's Aurealis award and is a Clarion South graduate.
Jakob Drud blog Web site Twitter
Jakob Drud lives with his wife and two children in Aarhus, Denmark, where he writes advertising copy for a living and science fiction and fantasy for fun. He writes in English because of the many interesting writers and people involved in the SF web community. His stories have appeared in various webzines and anthologies, including AE Scifi, IGMS, Daily Science Fiction, and Flash Fiction Online.
Robin Duncan blog Web site Twitter
Allan Dyen-Shapiro blog Web site Twitter
Science Fiction Author.
Nathaniel Eakman     Twitter
Past: NYSSWI, VP22, MFA in Speculative Fiction at Sarah Lawrence College. Future: Too terrifying to contemplate. Likes: Fantasy, weird masks. Dislikes: Buttermilk frosting.
Anaea Lay blog Web site Twitter
Anthony Eichenlaub   Web site Twitter
Ekpeki Oghenechovwe Donald   Web site Twitter
Spencer Ellsworth blog Web site Twitter
Spencer Ellsworth lives in Bellingham, WA, works as an administrator at a local college, plays and writes music for the band Pawnbroker, and writes his little brain out. His work has been published in, Podcastle, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Michael Moorcock's New Worlds Magazine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and many others. He also blathers about comics for Bleeding Cool. You can find more about him at
Glen Engel-Cox blog Web site Twitter
PatEsden blog Web site Twitter
Pat would love to say she spent her childhood in intellectual pursuits. The truth is she was fonder of exploring abandoned houses and old cemeteries. When not out on her own adventures, she can be found in her Northern Vermont home writing about brave, smart women who are determined to protect the people and places they love. She is the author of the contemporary fantasy Dark Heart series, and the Northern Circle Coven series.
Eric Esser   Web site Twitter
Chia Evers blog   Twitter
Ronald D Ferguson blog Web site Twitter
Vanessa Fogg   Web site Twitter
Julie Frost   Web site Twitter
Julie Frost is a SF/F/H author living in Utah amid a collection of Oaxacan carvings and anteaters, some of which intersect. She writes mainly short stories--and a lot of werewolf fiction, with a smattering of angel and demon stories (most of which are too overtly Christian for the fantasy market and too gritty for the Christian market, but what are you gonna do), space opera, and hard SF. You can see a list of her published stories on the sticky post at the top of her LiveJournal.
Peter Galalis blog Web site Twitter
P.G. Galalis writes, reads, and teaches science fiction, fantasy, and other literature. He lives with his family outside of Boston, MA. The initials in his pen name represent a vain effort to try and be more like some of his favorite writers.
Ephiny Gale blog Web site Twitter
Ephiny Gale is the author of more than two dozen published short stories and novelettes that have appeared in publications including 'Beneath Ceaseless Skies', 'Constellary Tales', and 'Daily Science Fiction'. Her fiction has been awarded the Sundress Publications' Best of the Net award and the Syntax & Salt Editor's Award, and has been a finalist for multiple Aurealis Awards.
Gwynne Garfinkle blog Web site Twitter
Edward G. Gauthier   Web site  
Gary Gibson   Web site Twitter
Beth Goder   Web site  
Lindsey Godfrey Eccles     Twitter
Abby Goldsmith blog Web site Twitter
Writer by night, Animator by day.
Rebecca Gomez Farrell blog Web site Twitter
Stephen Granade blog Web site Twitter
A. T. Greenblatt blog   Twitter
A. T. Greenblatt works in a firmly non-writing field when the sun is up and writes under a desk lamp at night. Fueled by a sheer love of books and a tyrannical imagination, she writes the stories that appear over her morning coffee and won't leave her alone until they are put down on paper. She writes, raves, and blogs at and on Twitter @AtGreenblatt
Michael Greenhut blog Web site Twitter
Sarah Grey   Web site Twitter
Eileen Lee blog Web site Twitter
Clayton Hackett   Web site Twitter
Shane Halbach blog Web site Twitter
Shane is a software engineer, happily married and living in Chicago with his wife, two kids and one nuisance cat. He has been accused of being obsessed with pirates, bacon, zombies and his kids (not necessarily in that order). He's a knitter, guitar player, budding accordionista, as well as a board and card game enthusiast. His fiction has appeared in Escape Pod, Redstone Science Fiction, and Daily Science Fiction, among others. He can be found online at
Renee Carter Hall blog Web site Twitter
Writer, reader, dreamer.
Lee Hallison blog Web site Twitter
Jenna Hanchey   Web site Twitter
Jenna Hanchey is a critical/cultural communication professor by day and a speculative fiction writer in the day. Somehow she acts, sings, and rock climbs, too. Follow her adventures on Twitter (@jennahanchey) or at
Melanie Harding-Shaw   Web site Twitter
Melanie Harding-Shaw is a speculative fiction writer, policy geek, and mother-of-three from Wellington, New Zealand.
C Stuart Hardwick blog Web site Twitter
C Stuart Hardwick is a multi-award winning author whose whose work has been called "Heinlein meets Bradbury meets Homer Hickam". A southerner from South Dakota, he grew up writing radio plays and has been known to wear a cape.
S.L. Harris     Twitter
Gregor Hartmann      
By day, Gregor translates Japanese patents into English. By night, his mind roams.
Erin M. Hartshorn   Web site Twitter
Merrie Haskell blog Web site Twitter
Merrie Haskell lives in southeastern Michigan. She is the author of the children's historical fantasies, Handbook for Dragon Slayers (winner of the Schneider Family Book Award 2014), The Castle Behind Thorns, and The Princess Curse. Her short fiction has appeared in Asimov's, Strange Horizons, Nature, and Unplugged: Year's Best Online Fiction.
Mars Hawthorne      
Michael Haynes   Web site Twitter
Kate Heartfield blog Web site Twitter
Kate Heartfield is a writer, editor and teacher in Ottawa, Canada.
Bryce Heckman   Web site Twitter
Sylvia Heike   Web site Twitter
Sylvia Heike is a speculative fiction writer from Finland. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Flash Fiction Online, Nature Futures, PodCastle, and more. When not writing, she likes to go hiking and looking for birds.
Amanda Helms   Web site Twitter
Gary D Henderson blog Web site Twitter
William Hertling   Web site Twitter
Miriah Hetherington blog   Twitter
Millie Ho   Web site Twitter
Larry Hodges blog Web site Twitter
Larry Hodges is an active SFWA member, full-time writer, and championship table tennis player & coach. Cross him in any way, and you will face the wrath of his ping-pong paddle! :)
Andrew K Hoe   Web site Twitter
Liam Hogan   Web site Twitter
Liam Hogan is an award winning short story writer, with stories in Best of British Science Fiction 2016 & 2019, and Best of British Fantasy 2018 (NewCon Press). He’s been published by Analog, Daily Science Fiction, and Flame Tree Press, among others. He helps host Liars’ League London, volunteers at the creative writing charity Ministry of Stories, and lives and avoids work in London.
C L Holland blog Web site Twitter
Kelly Horn   Web site Twitter
A. P. Howell   Web site Twitter
SL Huang   Web site Twitter
SL Huang justifies her MIT degree by using it to write eccentric mathematical superhero fiction, starting with her debut novel, Zero Sum Game. In real life, you can usually find her hanging upside down from the ceiling or stabbing people with swords.
Jennifer Hudak   Web site Twitter
Claire Humphrey blog Web site Twitter
Patrick Hurley   Web site Twitter
Mark Huston      
Langley Hyde   Web site Twitter
Langley Hyde writes steampunk, fantasy, and romance. Her debut novel, Highfell Grimoires, was named a best book of 2014 in SF/Fantasy/Horror by Publishers Weekly.
Sanaa Hyder   Web site Twitter
Steve Ingeman      
Jose Iriarte   Web site Twitter
Elaine Isaak   Web site Twitter
Author of The Singer's Legacy novels, and, as E. C. Ambrose, the Dark Apostle series about medieval surgery! under any name, you don't want to be my hero.
Adam Israel blog Web site Twitter
Writes Science Fiction and Fantasy. Graduate of 2007 James Gunn Workshop and Clarion 2010.
Margaret Jameson   Web site Twitter
Writer, SFF, Timelapse Observer, Amateur Herbologist, Clarion ‘17.
Debra Jess   Web site Twitter
Jim Johnson blog Web site Twitter
Jim Johnson is the author of the Pistols and Pyramids weird western series, the Potomac Shadows urban fantasy series, as well as other prose fiction series currently under development. He has written sundry other pieces of fiction, including several stories published in the Star Trek universe, and has freelanced for pen and paper roleplaying game companies, including Decipher and White Wolf. He's currently the project manager for the Star Trek Adventures RPG published by Modiphius Entertainment. Please visit for more information on Jim and his interests and writing. Jim lives in historic Alexandria, VA with his wife, son, and their crazy cats.
L.S. Johnson   Web site Twitter
Cameron Johnston   Web site Twitter
Michael R Johnston blog Web site Twitter
Michael M Jones blog Web site Twitter
Michael M. Jones wears many hats. He is a book reviewer for Publishers Weekly and, an anthology editor for Circlet Press, and a writer of science fiction, fantasy, and erotica (sometimes all three at once.)
Rachael Jones blog Web site Twitter
Vylar Kaftan   Web site Twitter
Vylar Kaftan writes short sf/f fiction and is a volunteer instructor for teenage writers.
Brenda Kalt   Web site  
Naomi Kanakia blog Web site Twitter
Naomi Kanakia is the author of two contemporary YA novels, out from Little, Brown and HarperTeen. Her stories have been published in F&SF, Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, Asimov's and others. She holds an MFA from the Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars, and she lives in San Francisco with her wife and daughter.
Adriana Kantcheva blog Web site Twitter
Adriana Kantcheva is a Bulgarian writer of speculative fiction. She has a Ph.D. in molecular biology and has worked as a science editor. She has fiction published in Short Édition, Electric Spec, and others. Adriana lives in the beautiful Black Forest region of southern Germany with her husband and their three children.
Jeffe Kennedy blog Web site Twitter
Joy Kennedy ONeill   Web site  
Jake Kerr blog Web site Twitter
Rajan Khanna   Web site Twitter
Holliann Kim      
Isabel J. Kim   Web site Twitter
Benjamin C. Kinney   Web site Twitter
Benjamin C. Kinney is a neuroscientist, SFF writer, and 2018 Hugo finalist as assistant editor of the science fiction podcast magazine Escape Pod. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri with two cats and a spacefaring wife. His stories have been published in Strange Horizons, Diabolical Plots, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and more.
Floris Kleijne blog Web site Twitter
Floris is a cat lover allergic to cats, a fast writer with few stories actually written, a Dutchman who doesn't... well, any of the things Dutchmen supposedly do, like abuse illegal substances or stick his finger in dykes. He is a Writers of the Future winner, and spends his days wishing there were more speculative fiction writers in the Netherlands.
Gary Kloster   Web site Twitter
Gary Kloster is a librarian, a martial artist, a stay-at-home dad, and a writer. But only occasionally all at once. His work has appeared in Writers of the Future 25, Baen's Universe, IGMS, Fantasy Magazine and Clarkesworld.
Leo Korogodski blog Web site Twitter
Stephen Kotowych blog Web site Twitter
Matt Krizan   Web site Twitter
Matt Krizan is a former certified public accountant who writes from his home in Royal Oak, Michigan. His short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in various publications, including Daily Science Fiction and Dark Moments.
Jonathan Laidlow   Web site Twitter
Jonathan Laidlow grew up in the North West of England, near the Sellafield Nuclear Power plant, which regularly leaked. He has one good leg, one good eye, and one good ear.
Alon Lankri   Web site Twitter
Matthew Reardon     Twitter
Stephanie Leary blog Web site Twitter
Nicole J. LeBoeuf blog Web site Twitter
William Ledbetter   Web site Twitter
A.J. Lee   Web site  
Evergreen Lee blog Web site Twitter
Gerri Leen   Web site Twitter
Anne Leonard   Web site Twitter
Sloane Leong   Web site Twitter
Naomi Libicki     Twitter
Craig Lincoln     Twitter
kirsten lincoln blog Web site Twitter
Nic Lipitz      
Darcie Little Badger     Twitter
Phytoplankton geneticist, geoscientist, writer, and fan of the weird, beautiful, and scary.
Brian K. Lowe blog Web site Twitter
Christine Lucas blog    
Zack Lux     Twitter
Darja Malcolm-Clarke      
Joseph Malik blog Web site Twitter
Threading the needle between suspension of disbelief and plausible deniability.
Victor Manibo blog Web site Twitter
Victor Manibo is a Filipino speculative fiction writer from New York. His debut novel, THE SLEEPLESS, comes out June 2022 from Erewhon Books. Follow him on Twitter @victormanibo.
Evan Marcroft     Twitter
Emma Maree   Web site Twitter
Marshall Ryan Maresca   Web site Twitter
Marshall Ryan Maresca is a fantasy and sci-fi author, as well as playwright living in Austin, Texas. He is the author of the Maradaine Novels.
Phil Margolies blog Web site Twitter
Jim Marino blog Web site Twitter
Shakespeare scholar and college teacher, back to writing fiction after a couple of decades away. Bostonian living in Cleveland and proud of both cities.
Samuel Marzioli blog   Twitter
Jeanna Mason Stay     Twitter
Sheila Massie   Web site Twitter
Stephan James   Web site  
Stephan James (aka Steve Mathys pre-mid-life crisis) attended Odyssey in 2015. He's had a few publications online and a handful of Honorable Mention and one Semi-Finalist mention in the Writers of the Future Contest. He's also won awards in the Society of Actuaries' Speculative Fiction Contest. Yeah, fiction for nerds.
Alastair Mayer blog Web site  
Michael McCormick   Web site  
Mike McCormick Author & Poet / SFWA, SFPA, LOMP, Codex, Loft / /
brigitte mccray     Twitter
Aja McCullough blog Web site Twitter
Aja McCullough is a writer, musician, and photographer living in St. Paul, Minnesota. She currently shares a home with three cats, a spinning wheel, lots of green things, and more instruments than she can play. Find her online at and on Twitter @aja_mcc.
P. A. Cornell   Web site Twitter
Melissa Mead blog Web site  
Melissa Mead lives in Upstate NY. She's a writer who never knows what to say in blurbs. You can find more about her (and the Carpe Libris Writers Group) here:
Rati Mehrotra blog Web site Twitter
Lynette Mejia blog Web site Twitter
Lynette Mejia writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror prose and poetry. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Daily Science Fiction, Goblin Fruit, Dreams & Nightmares, Mythic Delirium, and Strange Horizons, among others. In 2010 she was nominated for the Million Writers Award.
Mel Melcer   Web site Twitter
Ville Meriläinen      
Scott Mikula blog    
Jo Miles   Web site Twitter
Samantha Mills   Web site Twitter
Reed Mingault     Twitter
Jeremy Minton      
Vivek Mittal   Web site Twitter
dad/writer/Managing Attorney @UCIMMLegal. VONA 2020 Alum.
Fiona Moore blog Web site Twitter
Tracy S Morris   Web site Twitter
Writer, Essayist, Podcaster.
Jim Moss      
Rajiv Mote blog Web site Twitter
Rajiv Mote is a writer and software professional living in Chicago, Illinois.
Timothy Mudie   Web site Twitter
Michelle Muenzler   Web site Twitter
Allison Mulder blog   Twitter
emma munro   Web site  
John Murphy blog Web site Twitter
Samantha Murray blog Web site Twitter
Samantha Murray is a writer, actor, mathematician and mother. Not particularly in that order. She lives in Western Australia in a household of unruly boys
Remy Nakamura   Web site Twitter
Christi Nogle   Web site Twitter
Bennett North blog   Twitter
Tarver Nova   Web site Twitter
K. S. ONeill      
Hello. I've been a writer on and off for years, started up again after a longish break and sold a story to Daily SF. Yay! So, hi, thanks for running this.
Tobi Ogundiran   Web site Twitter
Karen Osborne   Web site Twitter
Kurt Pankau blog Web site Twitter
Sandy Parsons blog Web site Twitter
Sarah Pauling   Web site Twitter
Elena Pavlova   Web site  
Andrea M. Pawley   Web site Twitter
Another great thing about editing my novel on my iPhone is it only takes one hand. The other hand can hold a pastry.
Josh Pearce   Web site Twitter
Laura Pearlman blog   Twitter
J. Stephen Pendergrast blog Web site Twitter
Angela Penrose blog Web site  
Leon Perniciaro   Web site Twitter
Gary B. Phillips blog   Twitter
Gwen Phua   Web site Twitter
Aimee Picchi blog Web site Twitter
Jane Pinckard   Web site Twitter
Sarah Pinsker   Web site Twitter
Sam W Pisciotta   Web site Twitter
Chloie Piveral blog Web site Twitter
Chloie Piveral, a 2015 graduate of The Odyssey Writing Workshop, escaped her birth state Missouri for Colorado. The humidity is much, much better here. Visit her online at for reluctant updates.
Meg Pontecorvo   Web site  
Stephen S. Power   Web site Twitter
Lettie Prell blog Web site Twitter
Shawn Proctor   Web site Twitter
Shawn Proctor’s writing has been nominated for Best New American Voices and published in several literary journals and anthologies, including Daily Science Fiction, Galaxy's Edge, Crab Orchard Review and Flash Fiction Online.
David Rees-Thomas blog   Twitter
Writer of hauntologies and other weirdness. First reader at Nightmare magazine. Graduate of Clarion West.
Julie Reeser blog Web site Twitter
Mike Reeves-McMillan blog Web site  
Quinn Reid blog Web site Twitter
Quinn Reid is a Writers of the Future winner and the founder of Codex. Their fiction has appeared in Nature, Daily Science Fiction, Escape Pod, Abyss & Apex, and a variety of other publications. His first book, Talk the Talk: Authentic Slang from 65 American Subcultures was published by Writer's Digest books in 2006.
Alter S. Reiss blog   Twitter
I'm an archaeological editor and field archaeologist. Also, I write.
Pamela Rentz blog Web site Twitter
Pamela Rentz is a graduate of Clarion West 2008. She's been published in Asimov's, Innsmouth Free Press and Apex Magazine.
Zandra Renwick blog Web site Twitter
Zandra Renwick. Lapsed punk. Recovering vintage shop keeper. Writes noir, mythica, SF, and other literary entertainments for page and screen. Splits time between Portland, Austin, and Ottawa. ❤ *the W is silent Represented by the JVNL Agency in NYC, and in Hollywood through WME.
Matthew Rettino blog Web site Twitter
Jay Ridler blog   Twitter
Gray Rinehart blog Web site Twitter
Contributing Editor (a.k.a. "Slushmaster General") for Baen Books. Singer/songwriter. Needs to write a lot more than he does.
J.B. Rockwell blog Web site Twitter
Rebecca Roland blog Web site Twitter
Anton Rose   Web site Twitter
Daniel Rosen   Web site Twitter
Matt Rotundo blog Web site Twitter
Elizabeth Rubio      
Clarissa C. S. Ryan blog Web site Twitter
Kiran Kaur Saini   Web site Twitter
Kiran's fiction has appeared in Strange Horizons, Gulf Coast, Glimmer Train, and elsewhere. She is a recipient of the Henfield Prize for Fiction and a Pushcart nomination, as well as as well as grant and scholarship support from the Speculative Literature Foundation and the Odyssey Writers Workshop. A 15-year veteran of the film industry in Los Angeles, she has been on the east coast caring for her aging mother since the beginning of the pandemic.
Laura F. Sanchez     Twitter
Kelly Sandoval   Web site Twitter
Crystal Sarakas     Twitter
Lynne Sargent blog Web site Twitter
Erica Satifka blog Web site Twitter
Andrew Sayre   Web site Twitter
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Lawrence is responsible for coming up with the name Codex. That is his sole contribution to this community of authors and he plans to keep milking it. So there. Well, okay, for more years than he can remember he was also responsible for organizing the official Codex Breakfast at the Worldcon. But only because he likes watching you all eat.
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Holly Schofield travels through time at the rate of one second per second, oscillating between the alternate realities of city and country life. Her short stories have appeared in Analog, Lightspeed, Escape Pod, and many other publications throughout the world. For more of her work, visit
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I am working on an alternate history series with one publication to its name: the novella A Day in Deep Freeze (Conversation Pieces no. 46) Aqueduct Press.

I am also working on an LBGT-positive feminist military SF series about the colonization of the Milky Way galaxy. The series in internal chronological order is:

[The loss of the Hera is in '10]

1) '19 in Black Denim Lit (October 2015)

2) '19 "The World in His Throat" in Things We Are Not: An M-Brane SF Magazine Queer Science Fiction Anthology (2009)

3) '23 "Inducement" in Black Denim Lit (September 2016)

4) '27 "Grave's First Day" in A Coup of Owls (August 2021)

5) '27 "Searching" in Black Denim Lit (December 2014)

6) '28 "Nightskyman Hope" in Expanded Horizons (January 2016)

7) '34 "Life on Earth" in Expanded Horizons (January 2015)

8) "No Woman, No Plaything" in Kaleidotrope (October 2012)

9) "Planet 38" in Four Star Stories (Summer 2013)

10) "Planet 50" in Black Denim Lit (July 2015)

11) (100 and 400 years in the stories' future) "The Other Two Men" (play) (Read at by the Generic Theater at The Players' Ring in Portsmouth, NH, USA Nov. 2015; Performance date Summer 2016)

I collect antique typewriters (my favorite is the Remington 5), have a background in antiquarian books, and work at libraries.

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I earned my BFA in Creative Writing a long time ago in a galaxy, far, far, away (in Indiana). More recently, I replaced my brain with a much smarter version after attending the Odyssey Writing Workshop in 2015. I'm currently fascinated (and depleted!) by the energy vampirism of my adorable and brilliant 3-year-old. I'm a big fan of wonder and sincerity.
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Science fiction author, mainly short stories
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Alex Shvartsman is a writer and game designer. His adventures so far have included traveling to over 30 countries, playing a card game for a living, and building a successful business. Alex resides in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and son. His blog can be found at
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Lover of science, technology, history, & languages. Teacher of various IT and business courses including systems analysis and design, project management, and emerging technologies.
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Arley Sorg is co-Editor-in-Chief at Fantasy Magazine, Senior editor at Locus Magazine, associate editor at both Lightspeed and Nightmare, and interviewer at Clarkesworld.
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D.A. Xiaolin Spires steps into portals and reappears in sites such as Hawai’i, NY, various parts of Asia and elsewhere, with her keyboard appendage attached. Her work appears or is forthcoming in publications such as Clarkesworld, Analog, Strange Horizons, Nature, Terraform, Grievous Angel, Fireside, Galaxy’s Edge, StarShipSofa, Andromeda Spaceways (Year’s Best Issue), Diabolical Plots, Factor Four, Toasted Cake, Pantheon, Outlook Springs, ROBOT DINOSAURS, Shoreline of Infinity, LONTAR, Mithila Review, Reckoning, Issues in Earth Science, Liminality, Star*Line, Polu Texni, Argot, Eye to the Telescope, Liquid Imagination, Gathering Storm Magazine, Little Blue Marble, Story Seed Vault, and anthologies of the strange and beautiful: Deep Signal, Ride the Star Wind, Sharp and Sugar Tooth, Broad Knowledge, Future Visions and Battling in All Her Finery. She can be found on Twitter: @spireswriter and on her website:
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Tim Stevens is a journalist with 20 years of experience. He presently heads CNET's Roadshow as Editor-in-Chief. Tim spends more time traveling than at home and does much of his writing in tiny seats at 30,000 feet. He can always be found on Twitter @Tim_Stevens.
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Eric longs for the day when he will have a great blurb, but that day has not yet come.
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Philip Suggars writes weird stuff. Sometimes it even gets published or wins awards.
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I'm a graduate of the 2007 Clarion West workshop. I have two series with Pocket Star: The Ree Reyes series (GEEKOMANCY, CELEBROMACY, ATTACK THE GEEK), and the YOUNGER GODS series, as well as SHIELD AND CROCUS, an epic fantasy coming from 47North in 2014. My short fiction has appeared in Escape Pod and Crossed Genres.
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I play football and dress-up, drink whisky and ride my bike to work, where I'm a programmer / developer. My short fiction has appeared in Analog (four times!), Lightspeed, OSCIGMS, and on Escape Pod and other markets. My story "Keep Talking" was Apex Magazine Story of the Year in 2014 and was called "Everything Science Fiction should be" by The Oxford Culture Review. I sell poems now and then, but don't hold that against me.
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Writer, editor, co-editor of Mad Scientist Journal
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Elizabeth Walker, a native of Los Angeles, is a total geek, a movie buff, and a mediocre swing dancer. Beth and her family live in sunny Southern California. Website: Twitter: @AuthorEDW Facebook: Goodreads: Email her directly at
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By day, Patrick currently works as a narrative designer at BioWare. By night, they write novels whose feel usually boils down to “Absurd premise executed faithfully.”
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Darusha writes speculative fiction and poetry as M. Darusha Wehm and mainstream work as Darusha Wehm, and is the author of ten published novels, several poems and many short stories. Originally from Canada, Darusha currently lives in Wellington, New Zealand after spending the past several years sailing around the Pacific.
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The work of editor and Pushcart Prize nominee Erin Wilcox appears in journals, magazines, radio broadcasts, and collections including Cirque, Short and Twisted, and Veil: Journal of Darker Musings. She writes the blog series Modern Myth and Meaning for Amazing Stories and publishes horror fiction as Celeste Wakefield.
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Publishes as "Lex Wilson." Writer and actor from northern Ohio and now based in Carrboro, NC. Comics have won the Eagle Award and fiction has won Writers of the Future. Other work has appeared in Asimov's, LCRW, Shimmer, and Outlaw Territory II (Image Comics). Published as "Alex Wilson" through 2013.
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