Because medical issues can be the subject of strong disagreements, because such discussions cause stress for some Codexian medical professionals, and because poor medical advice can cause physical harm even though it may be well meant or delivered with appropriate caveats, starting May 31st of 2016, medical advice should not be posted on Codex. If you are not certain whether a particular post would constitute medical advice, here are further specifics. Luc is happy to respond to any questions.

  • Any and all medical discussion related to a writing project (rather than to someone's real-life condition)
  • Discussion of mental health issues, except for offering diagnoses or treatment recommendations for specific situations
  • Relating things you've personally experienced or witnessed (e.g., "Lyrica has been really good for my fibro" or "My uncle seemed to be in a lot less pain after he started doing yoga twice a week"), as long as it's not being offered as a recommendation for a specific person to do (or not do) that same thing
  • Suggesting someone get more information or talk to a medical professional (without recommending a specific type of medical professional)
  • Suggestions to take positive action without specifying what that action should be, e.g., "Be sure you're getting enough sleep!" or "You probably shouldn't ignore those back pains"
  • Links to or recommendations for general medical information resources, but not to specific articles or items within that resource, and not to resources that are about a specific disease, treatment, or speciality
  • Any and all discussion that happens outside of the Codex forum and chat room, e.g., through e-mail or on another forum.
  • Mentions of medical news or information, as long as such mentions aren't being made as diagnosis or treatment recommendations for a specific situation
  • Suggestions to take specific action for a medical condition, e.g., "You should sleep eight hours a night" or "Weekly chiropractic treatments would clear that right up"
  • Directing someone to a resource (e.g., book, Web site) with targeted information for their real life medical condition
  • Medical or mental health diagnoses
Detailed discussion of this policy occurred at . It was not possible to come to a consensus, so the final policy was not able to incorporate all of the opinions, good points, and perspectives expressed in that thread.