Codexian Quotes (a.k.a. Quotedex)

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Neo-pro speculative fiction writers can shake the foundations and rattle the windows of the genres.

Codex gives us an opportunity to be inspired by one another's successes, learn through critiquing and being critiqued by other skilled writers, reach new insights, and sell more of what we write more quickly by sharing information about the business of writing.

Codex brings together pro-level speculative fiction writers in the early stages of their careers who are actively writing. It was created to:

  • Promote exchange of information, ideas, and writing wisdom among pro-level writers
  • Facilitate rapid (7 days or less) short fiction critiques
  • Provide a place for a centralized compilation of writing resources, knowledge, and connections
  • Sponsor workshops and other career- and skill-building events
  • Offer more opportunities for us to shape the future of speculative fiction

Membership is free, but requires at least one of the following:

New Membership Qualifications:

  1. any sale that paid a SFWA-qualifying rate at the time of publication
  2. any sale to a paying English-language market that represents an underrepresented or marginalized demographic (such as Glittership, Anathema, etc) or that publishes primarily non-Western voices (such as LONTAR, etc.)
  3. an offer of representation for fiction from a literary agent at an established, reputable, and successful agency
  4. completion of a major, by-audition-only speculative fiction writing workshop such as Clarion, Odyssey, Literary Boot Camp, Clarion West, Viable Paradise, VONA, Alphas, etc.
  5. Successful completion of an MFA program in creative writing
  6. cumulative sales at least 1,000 copies of one or more self-published or small-press works of fiction and received author income of at least $3,000 from those sales
  7. nomination for or winning of a qualifying major award for writing fiction in any form or medium, including but not limited to: Campbell, Nebula, Hugo, WGA, Carl Brandon Award, Nommo Awards, Chinese Nebula Awards, Galaxy Awards, Seiun Award, Otherwise Award, Stoker or Shirley Jackson award
  8. If you are unsure if you meet Codex's membership qualifications, we urge you to contact us, especially if you're from outside the US or from a marginalized group. We're eager to assist, and look forward to expanding our membership worldwide.

    Codex is a community of people who are actively writing. As a basis for continued participation in Codex, members stay involved in their writing careers through ongoing research, outlining, revising, writing, submitting, or other writing work.

    *SFWA's lists are at the following links: short fiction markets; novel markets; anthology markets. We also maintain a small list of markets that are comparable for our purposes. Please e-mail us to inquire whether a sale to a particular publication qualifies.

    If you have sold work to one of these markets, you are qualified on acceptance; you don't have to wait for payment or publication.

    A reprint sale to a qualifying market can be used for membership even if it pays less than 6 cents/word.

    We normally respond within three weeks, and often sooner.

    To join, fill out this brief membership application form.

    If you experience any trouble or have not received a response in a reasonable amount of time, you can also contact the Codex Membership team by e-mail at CodexMembership at GMail dot com.

    Codex is a privately run organization, and we reserve the right to decline an application or to close an account for any reason or no reason, especially in the case of grossly unprofessional or antagonistic behavior online or elsewhere. However, we're glad to say this is hardly ever necessary.

    Current facilities include an online forum, a concise key writing resources page, rapid critique system, and the Spotlight (many of us read several works by one writer and start a discussion about how that person can take the writing to the next level). Current members include winners of major SFF awards; Clarion and Odyssey graduates; and writers whose work has appeared in a variety of pro venues.